How to Make Money With Audiobooks

how to make money with audible

Audible is a platform that offers many income opportunities. These include narrating audiobooks, publishing an e-book, and affiliate marketing. Audible’s affiliate program pays you for every sale or trial generated through your unique promotional link. It’s a great opportunity for influencers to monetize their social media reach.

Affiliate marketing

If you want to make money with audiobooks, you may want to consider joining the Audible affiliate program. Promoting Audible and Amazon products on your blog or social media pages is an excellent way to earn passive income. You can earn commissions by helping customers make a one-time purchase or sign up for an Audible subscription. In addition, you can also earn a commission by referring new listeners to Audible. Read on to learn more about How To Make Money On Audible.

Audible is a popular digital audiobook service that offers hundreds of thousands of books and other audio content. The company also offers a wide range of subscriptions, from monthly to annual plans. To make the most money with Audible, you should try to produce high-quality content that appeals to the company’s audience. Additionally, you should be able to market your content effectively to attract potential listeners.

Another great way to make money with Audible is to create and sell your own audiobook. This is possible through Audible’s self-publishing platform, the Audiobook Creation Exchange, or ACX. This platform allows you to publish and sell your own audiobooks on Audible and other online platforms. However, this method of making money with Audible is not as easy as it sounds. It requires a lot of upfront work and has no guarantees of success.

In addition to selling your own audiobooks, you can also earn money by narrating other authors’ books. Audible has a number of narrator opportunities available, including fixed per-finished hour fees and royalty splits with the rights holder. The more you narrate, the higher your income will be.

You can earn money by promoting Audible’s products on your website, social media, or email lists. You can also promote Audible audiobooks on your blog or podcast. Creating and selling an audiobook is a great way to make money with Audible, and you can even use it as a supplement to your regular income.

Although the royalties for audiobooks aren’t as high as those of eBooks, they can still provide a healthy stream of revenue for most creators. In order to make the most of Audible’s revenue-generating opportunities, you should focus on promoting a book that has broad appeal and is backed by strong research.


If you’re an actor or writer, then you may want to consider narration as a way to make money with Audible. Audible is an audiobook platform that connects narrators with book publishers. Its popular with both casual listeners and avid readers. Some narrators are even making a full-time income from the platform. For example, 81-year-old George Guidall is one of the highest-paid narrators in the world, thanks to his baritone voice.

The first step in becoming a successful narrator is to create a demo audio file. This will showcase your voice and help potential clients get an idea of what you can do. You should also invest in the right equipment, such as a high-quality microphone. Having the right equipment will improve the quality of your recordings and reduce the need for editing. Also, make sure that you’re standing up while narrating, which will help open your diaphragm and increase sound quality.

Another great way to make money with Audible is by creating podcasts. A podcast is a radio show that is streamed online. You can host a podcast on any topic, and you’ll receive royalties when people download your show from the Audible website or app. You can also earn money by advertising on your podcast.

Audible is the largest producer of audiobooks and podcasts. Its library contains more than 3 million titles, ranging from new releases to much-loved classics. The platform’s high-quality production and a range of unique features keep listeners coming back month after month.

There are many ways to make money with Audible, from creating and selling your own audiobooks to promoting the company’s services. But before you decide to start an audiobook business, it’s important to choose a niche that is both profitable and interesting. This will help you build a sustainable and consistent income stream.

Selling on Audible isn’t as easy as it seems. It requires a lot of upfront work and no guarantee that you’ll make a profit. However, it’s a great way to earn passive income, and you can make money from the comfort of your own home.


Audible is one of the leading providers of audiobooks, podcasts, and other spoken-word entertainment. It offers several ways to make money, including becoming an affiliate and narrating other people’s works. Audible also allows users to create and sell their own audiobooks, which can provide a steady stream of income. In addition, Audible provides a variety of promotional tools to help promote audiobooks and other content.

Publishing an audiobook is a great way to earn passive income, but it requires some time and investment. Audible’s self-publishing platform, ACX, offers a variety of options for authors to choose from, including per finished hour, per word, and royalty-sharing payment models. Authors can filter narrators by genre, voice, age, and language to find the right fit for their book. They can also listen to sample recordings of the narrators and ask questions. After the narrator is selected, the author can choose whether to publish the work exclusively with Audible or non-exclusively on other platforms.

Aside from creating and selling audiobooks, Audible also offers an opportunity to earn money by promoting other Audible products and services. Become an affiliate and receive a commission for every sale you refer. You can promote Audible’s content on your website, social media, or email newsletters. All you need is a custom link that will direct visitors to Audible’s free trial page.

Unlike traditional books, audiobooks do not require much production costs. However, they do come with some costs, such as narrator fees and distribution charges. Audible also takes a cut of the royalties from sales, but you can still make a good profit.

The best way to earn money from Audible is by narrating other people’s works. This can be a lucrative business, as you only need to record the audio once. In addition, narrating can be done from home or wherever you have a quiet place to work. To be a successful narrator, you should have the following skills:

Partnering with other businesses

The best way to make money with Audible is by creating and promoting high-quality content that appeals to a broad audience. This includes podcasts, audiobooks, and other content. You can also earn from ad revenue, affiliate marketing, and sponsorships. In addition, you can get paid to narrate other authors’ audiobooks and promote Audible products on social media.

To become an Audible creator, you need to register with the program and provide basic information. Once you have registered, you will receive a custom URL that will direct your listeners to an Audible 30-day free trial. You will then be paid a commission for every free trial that you generate. The Audible affiliate program is a great way to make passive income, as you can earn commissions even if your listeners do not buy an audiobook.

If you are a talented and passionate narrator, Audible can be a lucrative business. You can earn a fixed fee, a split of the royalties, or a combination of both. This type of work can help you build a steady stream of income and is perfect for those looking to supplement their income. However, it is important to remember that narrating audiobooks requires a lot of time and energy. It can be difficult to balance your regular job with this new source of income.

Another way to make money on Audible is by becoming a podcaster. This is a great way to make money on the side and build a reputation as an authority in your niche. However, you must be careful to avoid monetizing your podcast too aggressively, as this can detract from the overall quality of the show.

Podcasters can also earn from ad revenue, premium content, and merchandise sales. However, ad revenue is still the biggest income source for most podcasters, with US ad spending expected to reach $2 billion by 2023. Additionally, podcasters can partner with Audible to create exclusive “Audible Original” content. Ultimately, the most important thing is to find the right way to make money on Audible that fits your talents and passions.

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